How Can You Free Yourself Up and Step Into A Deeper State of Trust?

In the last few weeks I have unsubscribed, unfollowed, and left Facebook groups (even groups that were included with paid programs I had enrolled in) and it has been a unique experience to peel these layers off.

To begin understanding the reason one might “clean up” their inbox and internal drive, let’s step into the mindset of a top personal development figure, say, Deepak Chopra.

Do you think that Deepak is looking online for Gabby Bernstein’s latest free video series? Waiting for the next email that might validate his thoughts?

Do you think he is signing up for courses to optimize his email list or Facebook Ads?

Nope, Nope & Nope.

What IS Deepak probably doing?

For one, he is meditating daily. Spending time in stillness & silence.

He is creating, writing his next presentation or developing a phase of his next book.

He is taking time to connect with his audience throughout the week.

He is collaborating with other experts, people that are equal to his level of greatness and people that he also highly regards as experts in their own respective fields.

In essence, he is getting all of the info he needs, straight from Source. He is then working with his Source connection to create and connect with other experts and leaders who are in alignment with his Soul Purpose, the Intention for which he has set to carry out in this lifetime.

By allowing yourself to step away, unsubscribe and unfollow, you tell your innermost Self that you have access to all of the tools and knowledge needed in this now moment.

That message is then directed into the Cosmos ~ Ether ~ Akash, sending a deep signal that you are now in a state of TRUST.

Then the magic begins to happen.

Source begins to speak to you. Downloads happen.

You will feel some doubt, you will feel unsure and a bit rocky at first. Some of your old habits may resurface.

All you have to do is look at yourself as the silent observer, holding the space of non-judgement and instantly you are cleared again.

All of these choices are made in the space of Instant Choice, leading to Instant Manifestation.