Virtual events are here to stay. They aren’t going anywhere.

In many ways, here at the beginning of 2023, morale-wise people are in the same space as they were during the pandemic.

Feeling fearful. Feeling Uncertain. Thinking: What comes next? How bad is it going to get???

In your business you might be thinking … people aren’t spending right now … it’s hard times … harder times are coming … [insert YOUR belief] …

When you are working in your purpose, doing what you love, you only see abundant possibilities. When you are in that space you can hold it for others. This is where you need to hang out. It activates creative thinking which is required for moving forward.

If you scroll on social media too much or take in too much unfiltered content, your morale goes down and doubt creeps in. This activates fear-based thinking and shuts down your creative mind.

The business owners who use their creative minds, who are focused on long-term sustainability and growth, are going to WIN BIG this year. What’s even better is they are going to be on a trajectory of massive momentum for the next few years. I’ve already seen it happen with companies who took this approach during the pandemic.

This is why I want to talk to you about your 2023 virtual events calendar.

Have you scheduled your virtual events for the year? Are they in your calendar yet?

If not, what is stopping you?

With an economic downturn, virtual events are very do-able for business owners and attendees.

I know business owners doing live in-person events that are penny pinching to keep costs down.

They are cutting corners that ultimately are going to cost them big $$$ on the back-end. I get it, with rising hotel costs, food & bev, travel, they are looking for ways to save money. All of that cost has their vision clouded as to what’s important and what’s not.

In the virtual events world, none of those factors are at play.

What’s important for virtual events is creating an engaging experience, not letting your audience go cold (ie keeping their attention), effective targeting, consistently expanding your reach, and putting out content that is relevant, attractive and creates emotional connection.

There is a real need for emotional connection for attendees when doing virtual events.

When you can nail this piece, tapping into the emotional connection virtually, you will be a wealthy wealthy person. Both in finance and reward.

One of the event hosts I’ve supported has the ability to crack hearts open and change lives in the virtual setting and her events consistently generate $400K+ in sales.

What is holding you back from filling your virtual events calendar this year?

For a lot of business owners it comes down to this: time.

It takes a lot of time and planning to execute.

My answer to this: SYSTEMIZE.

Systemization cuts down the lag and turnaround time from one event to the next.

Systemization addresses the KPIs that need to be measured for improvements to be made from one event to the next.

Systemization prevents burnout and chaos.

Systemization can reduces team costs and increase profits.

Book a call with me to explore the possible sales increase your business can see through systemizing your launches and virtual events this year.