Today I am coming to you with my personal Facebook Groups Confessions.

Truth: I used to leave Facebook groups that didn’t have gobs of posts in the feed. I was actually out looking for busyness, looking for the popular crowd, looking for something that wasn’t me.

This brought me to facebook groups where there were so many posts that felt noisy and uninviting.

Truth: For a while I struggled because I felt that I was supposed to “entertain” my own facebook group. That brought on a lot of internal struggle and conflict about even having a group and I was disempowering myself {my group is focused on empowerment}.

My mindset began to shift when I started my travel adventures during the summer. Because I was so wrapped up in being on the road I didn’t have space for those thoughts about facebook group culture.

What I noticed in one of the “busy” groups was that after I didn’t post for a few weeks I realized I had to reestablish my authority and credibility in the group… that didn’t feel good. It didn’t feel authentic to the clients that I serve and surely that is NOT a sustainable way to build a business, having to work to re-establish yourself because you feel forgotten or lost in a noisy crowd. But I could see that is the way the culture on Facebook had been fed to us… post 4x per day in 4 different groups “And you will start to get clients.” Even one of my spiritual mentors taught me this methodology… it didn’t work for me and I began to see that it did not work for my clients either.

That is where I began to go deeper into understanding my ideal client at a new level. I realized that (1) she didn’t need to be entertained – nor did she want to be entertained. (2) She has a life, she has deep priorities and goals that she is reaching for. Gimmicks, fads and hype do not appeal to her. (3) She is not trying to constantly follow the “in” crowd. (4) She wants to operate her business with excellence while living her life with ease.

Diving deeper into the mindset of my ideal client showed me exactly how I was misaligning myself to her. That made leaving misaligned facebook groups simple and easy while helping me to change up my own facebook group.

I took down weekly prompt posts and let the group get quiet. Sure, some people left. But my clients stayed and members continue to engage.

I dropped the need to entertain, to post a certain number of days.

I invited in the commitment to spending time each week writing and allowing my voice to come through my message, as I have attracted many clients and sales through my writing and video – not through trying to be an entertainer. I committed to the truth that ideal clients will always be looking for quality above all else.

If you have been feeling lost in facebook groups or on facebook in general, I invite you to take a step back, to quiet your feed and check into the mindset our your ideal client. If you are not meeting them your approach is not attracting them.

If you are seeking help with understanding your ideal clients on a deeper level or desire to leverage facebook with your own personal strategy, feel free to apply for a consultation.