Did you know that you can shorten the time that it takes to reach your goals?

When you do the inner visioning work and pair it with taking consistent and intentional action, you start to make things happen in your business much faster than you ever imagined. 

Today I’m sharing a process that will have you winning faster and more often. 

Let’s dive in!

Here is how you do this:

  1. Create a clear picture of your win or wins – actually write it out using vivid language.
  1. Set a reminder on your phone to envision your win daily. It can be for 1 minute or it can be for 1 hour. What’s most valuable here is developing the practice of doing it.
  1. Add body language, such as the victory stance. Feel the win & celebrate it as if it has already happened.
  1. As you go about your day, take action towards reaching the win.
  1. Detach from HOW you want the win to happen. Getting emotional or attached to the win can lead to self-sabotage. Take the actions you know to take.
  1. TRUST that it is yours and that you will win.

Repeat this process daily.

You will start to see rapid changes in your reality as a result!