Are you an entrepreneur or CEO struggling to remove yourself from the sales process? Look no further.

My proven five-step system “The More Method” is designed to free yourself up and scale your business.

Systemize your sales. This includes having a custom sales script designed for your company with objections mapped out, offer positioning, and consistent lead flow. Fixing sales and marketing gaps is also key to ensure your business is equipped for optimal sales success.

Simplify your systems. By creating simplicity within your operational procedures, you can free up time and energy for yourself and your business. This is crucial before bringing on a sales rep and allows for a cohesive department when it’s time to scale.

Hire and onboard. Once the groundwork is laid, it’s time to bring in a sales rep and provide thorough training and support. Continuity is key to maintain and continue growth.

More growth. Create new opportunities to sell for your rep and drive even more calls to maximize sales success.

Maintain and continue growth. Once you have one rep, the next steps are to hire more and eventually bring on a sales manager to continue scaling your business.

Don’t let the fear of handing over your sales process hold you back from reaching your business goals. With my proven system, you can remove yourself from the sales process and become the acting CEO you were meant to be. Book a call with me at to get started today.