Being a lightworker is an amazing gift. You have the ability to see beyond the five senses and connect to levels of consciousness beyond the 3rd dimension. You have a depth of understanding, wisdom, and Source connection that gives you the ability to foresee difficult situations and yet, stay on your path.

Today, I am sharing with you some energetic empowerment strategies. They will help you quickly shift your frequency when you feel stress or worry within yourself or within the collective consciousness.

  1. Stop what you are doing and shift your energy to focus on Source. Feel yourself become illumined from the inside out.
  2. Take a hot purifying bath with Epsom salt, essential oils, and bentonite clay.
  3. Create a sacred space by smudging, spraying rosewater, or diffusing essential oils.
  4. Journal about your current feelings and emotions.
  5. Take a nap or rest. Unplug.
  6. Take a dance break; listen to your favorite song, or listen to some mantras. (I particularly enjoy the Ganesh mantra which helps to      clear obstacles on your path.)
  7. Meditate with your favorite crystals.
  8. Connect with your spirit guides and angels. Ask them to help you understand your feelings, or ask them how to shift, grow, and   expand into new levels of service for yourself and humanity.
  9. Remember that all healing, whether personal or universal, must first start within you.
  10. Take a luxury break for yourself by going to a spa or to the float center, and unwind.
  11. Exercise; get your body moving and your energy flowing.
  12. Eat a delicious meal.
  13. Drink tea or your favorite relaxing beverage.
  14. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated all day.
  15. Relax with a craft project or color with an adult coloring book.
  16. Reconnect with nature.

As you can see many of this strategies are simple. Yet, they will help you to shift your energy to a positive state quickly.