Do you feel that every time you take a big leap in life and shift from one space to the next there is ALWAYS a freak-out involved? As a veteran business owner I sure have, and I’ve got some amazing insight on this subject for you.

In 2008 I started my own business. It was a causal process and I eased into gaining new clients even though I was SO stressed and worried about making money, I was still able to earn. I played it by ear as I went along with my business, when something was off I would make a change or set a new boundary.

I loved variety and desired to have more earning opportunities so I started freelancing in 2009. From that point on I moved through several freelance positions, shifting from one to the next always expanding in some way AND freaking out as I embarked on the new opportunity!!!

Eventually I hit a wall with freelancing because I had to take on more & more responsibility while doing what I really loved was put on the back burner. I was making a great income but I was so tired, depleted and out of balance. I thought that money would fill the hole that I felt internally and that was not the case at all.

Everything changed for me internally when I started doing healing work in my Akashic Records, the 5th Dimensional Aspect of myself, a.k.a. “The Book of Life”. I started noticing the “energetic signature” around my choices, the freak outs, the money worries, the lack of belief in myself to achieve my goals and dreams.

The “freak outs” definitely had (& have) an energetic signature around them, so I started to dive in and see what they were all about. I noticed that there is a polarity associated with them, kind of like a magnet, and when the freak out would occur I would want to run to safety and familiarity which was ALWAYS associated with me not believing in myself.

Akashic records healing helped me to draw the line in the sand. I left ALL of the freelancing jobs because Psychic Business Coaching & Healing is my soul purpose. Through honoring my inner alignment to my personal Soul Signature Success Strategy I went full time into my coaching business. I made the choice that I am no longer going to put any of my goals and dreams in the hands of someone else.

I invite you to observe your freak-outs because they are either pulling you back into safety, back into perpetuating the same patterns you’ve already been living out OR they are directing you to your soul-filled existence.

It’s your choice.

Breaking the pattern of self dis-belief is one of the most intense processes you will go through, you have to work through all of the muck and stuff that comes up but it is SO worth it.

I believe in you!