The Art of Making Empowered Investments

Over the last few months I’ve been inspired to write about the process of investing in oneself because there is little written about handling this process with an Empowered approach.

You are more likely to encounter posts of people who have felt victimized by their investment choices. You may also encounter people with a fear-based mindset who have little understanding of what it means to have a deep personal-growth journey.
It is most important for you to align with your own personal growth journey and follow your own inner guidance for your next steps, rather than identifying with an outsiders perception for your own life.

This week I just invested in my THIRD business coach this year. He is the kind of coach who helps his clients to build Skyscrapers, rather than Subdivisions, in their businesses.

Coach #1

The first coach I hired this year was a Spiritual Business Coach, she was really good with the Akashic Records and helped me to clear away all of the baggage that I had been holding onto for many lifetimes. This helped me to become really confident and make bold, radical new choices in my life that I would not have been able to do without Soul-level understanding of myself.

Coach #2

When I finished up my first coaching program I made the choice to learn to read the Akashic Records and simultaneously another coaching program came into my radar. This program was from a coach who stands for living life on your terms and running a business on your terms, she also has a strong message of freedom and travel.
At that time I was rooting my intention to create the freedom lifestyle for myself by this time in the year. I also felt that I was intuitively good at a lot of things in my online business, but I wanted to have a deeper knowledge in a few areas and learning from this coach felt really aligned for me.

What happened next: I started manifesting a lot more quickly, effectively and easily. Midway through my 2nd coaching program I had made back all of the money I had invested in coaching, retired from a career that no longer excited me, and I had grown a network of clients that I loved working with.

My Manifesting Journey

A huge part of my evolution is my daily manifesting practice. The Universe and I have had an ongoing dialogue about my desires. Each day I do my prayers and ask for very specific things to show up in my life. I work with specific law-of-attraction audios and align with my personal Financial Frequency. I also spend time in silence, doing breathing exercises, doing personal energy activations and reading books on manifesting with Spirit. I will also go into my Akashic records and ask questions if I need guidance.

Coach #3

When my new coach came into my radar I wasn’t looking for a new coach or mentor, I was focusing on my manifesting practice. The dialogue that I had been having with the Universe started coming through this person and everything flowed into alignment easily and effortlessly.

There are many facets and layers to the Soul. As we go through life, having our human experience, the more we allow ourselves to take the time and develop a Soul level understanding of ourselves and the Akash, or life-force substance from which we all come, the intellect fades away and a space of instant manifesting and miracles flows in. It is a deepening and an unfolding. A journey of healing.
At the intellectual level it is easy to say what I have done and how I have grown my business but the truth is that it has been an Empowering, Spiritual and Healing Journey.

My hope is that this post resonated with you and gave you a deeper understanding of what the personal development and investing process can look like. Please leave a comment if you’ve got any questions or a story of your own to share.