I have a special message for you today:

Do not give up.

If you have been praying for your cup to be filled and you feel that it continues to remain dry.

Do not give up.

Spirit hears your prayers and does not operate on time streams as we do in the 3rd Dimension. Spirit is eternal, and so are you.

Continue to pray, seek, and most importantly follow your inner guidance, even when you are questioning your choices.

When your life is out of alignment everything feels like a step in the wrong direction, because you are misaligned at the deepest dimensional levels.

Following your inner guidance is the key to moving into alignment. It will get you out of the dark fog, if you quieten your mind and listen.

I was there once. Very sick and fearful for my life. I followed my intuition and took every single step. The Angels literally held my hand and guided me through the darkness. It took two years to get to the point where mountains could be moved, once I reached that point the heavy lifting began. Thankfully, the spiritual realms help with the heaviest lifting. It’s choosing to be in integrity and honoring your unique path that is the most important key of all.

Some days your greatest victory might be that you were able to get out of bed and get one task accomplished for the day. That is okay. I’ve been there.

You are a pioneering Lightworker, keep that in mind every day. Pioneers pave the way for the next wave of Lightworkers to come into the realization of their own gifts.

Build your business, take the important necessary actions, and honor your inner call as a spiritual entrepreneur.

Your gifts are needed.

Do not give up.

Please feel free to reach out, if you feel that you’ve been struggling with misalignment for far too long, I know how it feels and I promise you that it does get better.