One of the reasons I was called into business coaching is because I receive channeled business guidance. It comes to me just as easily as a message from an Angel.

Today’s message is on business and creating with higher purpose, meaning, and daily commitment to yourself & your art.

“Instead of trying to “figure IT all out” or look for solutions to problems that you think need solving, start doing IT.

Do IT – and the “problems” that actually don’t exist will resolve themselves pretty much on their own.

IT has to happen daily.

If you are crafting an offer, you are going to be focusing on the content and the “meat” of the program – this is NOT to be confused with doing the tech, setting things up, or the live delivery/teaching.

This is YOU journeying in, getting answers, exploring, writing, and documenting. That is what you will deliver.

You are going to quickly see that your work is taking on an aura of its own. That your creations now have their own voice.

Daily channeled messages shared as marketing content and relationship building is great and has purpose BUT that is not a substitute to you building your greater body of work which is your legacy.”

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