Merging spirituality and business is a passion of mine and I have discovered that applying a spiritual mindset to all of my business actions creates more flow and ease in everything I do.

This week I am sharing with you a live business training that I created in my facebook group for Soulful ~ Spiritual ~ Successful entrepreneurs.

I’ve found that my clients face constant bombardments of “sign up for this”, “take this course”, “the top 10 steps to…” As a spiritual entrepreneur you may find this energy to be overwhelming and confusing – because it is.

I always suggest to my clients to become incredibly selective of who they choose to learn from and follow online and in-person. If you learn business from too many people, you begin to come across heaps of conflicting information. Conflicting viewpoints can create chaos and confusion in the mind, this creates a blockage for inspiration and creation.

I also encourage my clients to harness their spiritual mindset and gifts, bringing Divine energy into their businesses while allowing their light to shine through everything they create.

With this 20 minute video training I cover:

  • The mindset of creating an opt-in for the one-to-one business model (coaching, consulting) and the one-to-many business model (online courses, digital products)
  • The importance of believing that your ideal clients want to work with you and learn from you
  • Placing spiritual energy into all of your business creations
  • Action steps on creating your one-to-one consultation opt-in, taking your business from zero to thirty miles an hour
  • Action steps on refining your one-to-one consultation opt-in, taking your business from twenty to fifty miles an hour

Watch the Video Now

Enjoy the video & let me know if you need any help with refining your opt-in by requesting a consultation.