Are you gearing up for a launch or virtual event?

If so, you’re likely looking to create some buzz around your offering. We all want likes and comments on our social media posts, but the real engagement happens in DMs, calls with customers, events and webinars. That’s where we really see people connecting with our brands.

So how do we go about creating that enthusiasm and engagement? Here are four tips to help get started!

  1. Focus On Outcomes & Benefits – Don’t focus on features. Talk about what your customers care about and the results they are looking for in their lives and businesses.
  2. Demonstrate How Your Offer Will Help Them To Move From Point A to Point B – Make sure that point B is something they actually want to create in their life! Show them how your offer can help them get from where they are now to where they want to be.
  3. Quantify Results with Testimonials & Program Design – Even if you’re selling a personal development offer, there should still be some numbers involved – show potential buyers the ROI of investing in your program or service by sharing testimonials and demonstrating how it’s designed to help transform their lives.
  4. Meet Customers Where They Are – Your job is to meet people where they are and have that two-way communication going. Come in with an open mind and be ready to help them take the next step towards your launch or virtual event!