Some of my top priorities in life are: manifesting, abundance, self-love, soul alignment and all things spiritual. Today’s message is about some of the steps taken along my journey that seemed to pull me away from my abundance.

How we approach our online businesses, or any type of business, must resonate with how we as individuals manifest, otherwise we create all sorts of issues for ourselves! And that is not fun.

There are so many how-to’s, blueprints, and formulaic approaches for businesses out there. When I was starting out online I tested out those types of approaches & they did NOT resonate with me. In fact, the blueprint formulas – as in, someone else’s blueprint for success – were VERY limiting for me as a spiritual entrepreneur!

The formulaic approaches were limiting because I receive many “Divine downloads” as a part of my business model. Following a cookie-cutter approach really confuses my process and adds a lot of time to my creative action. The cookie-cutter approach has a puppetry feel to it, that is what really turns me off.

I’ve discovered that the BEST online mentors and training I’ve received are the ones that shape the programs around the client tuning into their own unique way of doing things. The best mentors & coaches assist their clients in uncovering aspects of themselves that are tucked away or hiding, showing them how to see their shadows & embrace those shadows and discover their own natural way of brilliance.

This process is actually a challenge for many clients, myself included! {There is some irony here too… because I didn’t want a blueprint approach yet I felt resistant to discovering my own way.}

As Entrepreneurs we have to be okay with not rushing & discovering our own processes. It is most beneficial to receive help and guidance from coaches and mentors. We also have to know when it is beneficial to ask for help/guidance and when we are placing the responsibility outside of ourselves.

To conclude, as humans we need structure, we need form, we need flow. As the powerful creators of our own experience we have the choice to create that for ourselves. It involves looking within for the answers and connecting with mentors who are powerfully creating their realities as well! This process might take a bit longer, but really, why are you in a hurry?

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