Right now, in the media and news feeds the message is shifting more towards fear and chaos regarding economic impacts of small business closures worldwide.

If you are following people who resonate with fear, panic, and devastation you are probably feeling that fear and panic your body right now.

If you are following people who think outside-of-the-box, who present solutions & strategies for navigating these dynamic times, you are probably feeling hopeful. You feel hopeful for yourself, for your business, for your family, and for your future.

On my entrepreneurial journey, when I’ve faced times of crisis and devastation, I’ve always leaned in and looked for solutions.

Being in crisis and having fear in my body, they aren’t natural states for me.

My natural state is one of awareness, positivity, resilience, and most important in this case – the unapologetic dedication I have to materialize my visions.

Before any of this started, did you have a vision for your business? 

How connected were you to that vision?
How much time did you spend with it?
How did your self-talk support you or pull you away from your vision?

Answering these questions will allow you to get honest with yourself about the state of your inner reality before the current challenges appeared.

The next step is for you to put together a clear picture of what you want your business to look like now.

How are you going to adapt?
What do you need to feel confident and keep going?
Are their opportunities presenting themselves right now that you are overlooking?

And finally, write the story of your business vision as the dust settles. You get to choose. Remember that. It is your choice. You have options, you are adaptable, and you will get through this. Your ability to have this materialize will depend on what you tell yourself and who you listen to during these critical times.

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