Today I’m checking in with you on the subject of alignment.

After my post that went out yesterday morning (and Wednesday night in my Facebook group), I received several comments, private messages and questions from my clients and community about being in alignment.

Some of the questions included:

How do I know if I am in alignment?

What do I do if I am feeling misaligned in my business?

I also received a lot of gratitude from my community for delivering the message. Which I am appreciative of.

Because I am personally living in alignment, I want to give you a small glimpse into what my daily life looks like. My days as a full-time Business Success Coach, Psychic & Healer are spent doing a handful of priority tasks:

(1) Developing my personal spiritual practice that includes meditating, praying, journaling, listening to uplifting audios, reading spiritual texts and connecting with my spiritual team.

(2) Taking care of my clients, making sure that they have everything that they need and that they are moving towards their goals. 

(3) I tend to my personal business goals for the day. This includes follow-ups, emails and checking on my Facebook community.

(4) I alternate days that I do client readings and content creation. For both content creation and Akashic Records or Psychic readings I like for my space to be quiet and still, so that I can hear the subtle messages that are coming through. This is how yesterday’s “special message” came about. I was in content creation mode, and I heard the words Do not give up. From there I continued to write and allowed the message to flow through me. The message continues to flow through me.

Last night I created a 20-minute video for you, diving deeper into the concept of alignment. I covered the topics of:

  • Understanding alignment.
  • Understanding misalignment and commonalities to look for if you suspect that you might be misaligned.
  • A writing exercise to guide you through a personal assessment of whether or not you are misaligned.
  • An introduction into my coaching program, the Soul Signature Success System.

Once you watch the video, I do invite you to apply for a consultation if we have not yet connected for one.

Watch the Video: Business Alignment for the Modern-Day Spiritual Entrepreneur