When it comes to investing in your business, you will hear marketers telling you that their “thing” is where you should put your money.

If you are reading this you are a marketer and you do this too. It’s part of being in business and selling solutions. 

But – sometimes you need that objective opinion and a lens to make decisions through, especially when you are scaling your business to 7-figures and beyond.

I see so many business owners on their way to 7-figures spinning their wheels, chasing shiny objects and making the same investment decisions over and over again.

This got me so fired up that I recorded a video on this very topic.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover in the video:

  1. The importance of investing in the right areas and avoiding common pitfalls.
  2. The need for discernment when hiring marketing professionals or agencies.
  3. Why holding your team accountable for their promises is crucial.
  4. How to avoid wasting time and money on ineffective strategies.
  5. The power of surrounding yourself with a supportive team who can help steer your ship towards success.

If you know that sales is a gap in your business that needs to be addressed, schedule a Sales Growth Strategy Call with me, and we’ll take a look at where the hidden money is sitting in your business right now.