Recently I was listening to a sales podcast and the presenter was uncovering reasons why most individuals are unable to say “no.”

The other side of the coin falls on the responsibility of an individual being okay with hearing “no” and it not causing interference with their performance and results.

If you are in a space of being in total lack of clarity with your business and the results you can deliver, hearing “no” energetically and verbally from prospects through excuses, etc. can stop you in your tracks because you feel that you are doing something wrong to get these no’s.

The reality is that if you are hearing “no” it means that you are doing something right … you are putting yourself out there, you are getting your message out into the world, you are connecting with people.

You can consciously say to me, well Celia, “I’m okay with hearing “no,” really, I’m fine with it. As those words spill out, your unconscious mind is having a temper tantrum on the floor, kicking and screaming, sabotaging everything you attempt because of the fear of more “no” responses.

As a result, your unconscious mind leads you to:

  • Procrastination
  • Fear
  • Avoidance

Just to name a few …

The secret sauce lies in the ability to know how to leverage the message and the lessons behind the no’s in order to turn things around and start hearing “yes.”