A few months ago I did a livestream video going into the details of my spiritual practice. The video was very popular & I got a lot of great feedback from it so I was led to create this post and dive deeper with my daily spiritual practice.

This week I’ve created a behind-the-scenes video so that you can have a glimpse of my daily spiritual practice.

The video is just under 5 minutes and you’ll see my prayer altar, daily prayer setup, money altar & Divine Soul Blueprint practice {info from my Akashic Record}, pictures of Ascended Masters I love communing with, and more!

Taking my spiritual practice seriously has completely transformed my inner life and relationship with myself.

  • I meditate and pray EVERY DAY.
  • I set my intentions EVERY DAY.
  • I connect with Divine Source EVERY DAY.
  • I pray for my business EVERY DAY.

Get the picture?  (o:

I also pray for my 1:1 clients, ask that all of my colleagues are blessed and abundant in their business… because there is MORE THAN ENOUGH for everyone in this amazing, abundant Universe that we live in.

Daily centering, meditation & prayer can have miraculous effects on your life and business. You should try it out if you haven’t been working on your inner practice, especially if you are feeling a lot of lack.

Alchemizing lower emotions and transmuting them to Divine Source clears your energy field and sets you up to bring your absolute best to your 1:1 clients, your customers & amplifies your business energy!

Here is the video, I hope it inspires you.