I recently have had some of the most marvelous experiences that I am excited to share with you… I manifested these experiences because my intentions were really clear.

I told the Universe EXACTLY what I wanted & I talked about it or wrote about it a lot.

For example, I wanted to go to Hot Springs, Arkansas to relax, shop for crystals, go to the Crystal Vortex, and to the famous bathhouses.

I ended up booking a last minute trip to the area and did everything I desired. I even stayed with a woman (airbnb) who used to be a crystal miner AND she had a magnificent crystal collection! She told me THE hot spot to go for crystals, THE best bathhouse to go to & where to get fresh water from the Hot Springs.  It was incredible. The closest experience I’ve ever had to the Hot Springs bathhouses was in Budapest three years ago at the Szechenyi Bathhouse which has over 40 pools from ice cold to hot.

(I do have a thing for water… I’ve been known to carry my 5 gallon jug all over the US getting water from natural springs. It’s because of my Soul Group of Origin which I know from my Akashic records.)

While in Arkansas I recorded this 10 minute video for you about fully committing to your intentions. To going all in to manifest your desires and what that looks and feels like. This video was recorded in the most high-vibration location of the vortex which I talk about at the during the introduction.

Watch the Video from the Crystal Vortex