Today we are on the second 9~9~9 day of the three-part 9~9~9 gateway (the next one will occur on 9/27/16). 

What this means is that we are currently in a “9” month during a “9” year, on a “9” day, with the number 9 representing endings and the resulting new beginnings.

Additionally, we just experienced a full-moon, lunar eclipse on Friday (with many still feeling the lunar window yesterday) and Mercury is still in retrograde.

What is a Lightworker and/or Empath to do?

The first aspect to address is taking a close look at the last 9-18 years.

Personal reflection points: 

Where were you in 1998-1999? What cycles were you starting up at that time and where did those cycles lead you in 2007-2008?

How did the cycle beginning in 2007-2008 lead you to where you are now?

In addition to the cosmic action around our planet there is also a global/planetary “heat” that I sense is being emitted. The pull between duality seems to be stronger than ever before. Many who were shown as children to reject their spiritual and emotional gifts are now desiring to embrace them as a gateway to inner peace. During this process the dissonance between the old way and the new way feels like a pull when many have yet to acknowledge their spiritual selves.

“To thy own Self be true.”

The Self being your soul. What your soul seeks to experience in this human form. What God seeks to experience through your eyes as your eyes are God’s windows to see the earth.

At this moment there is an invitation to close a door, if you are ready.

It is a doorway that leads to harsh inner judgement as well as the harsh judgement of others. It leads to fear, sadness, worry, doubt, and all thoughts of not-good-enough.

Imagine, for a moment, what it feels like for this door to close. What do you sense will fill this space?

  • Peace?
  • Hope?
  • Trust?
  • Love?
  • Connection?

Is it worth it for you to close this door and allow the possibility of something far more heavenly into your life?

If “yes”, close your eyes & visualize the door closing and all of your space that was impacted by the energies coming through this doorway are neutralized and then filled with rainbow rays of light, leaving all learning experiences intact for the highest good of all.

You may feel a physical sensation internally through your Chakras as well as in your body.

You will notice that tomorrow you feel much more clear and alert, getting more accomplished than you have recently, as well as a greater sense of self love and inner peace.