Do you ever feel like there is a little battle going on inside of you? In this battle it feels like the actions you are taking are not quite lining up with the direction your spiritual self wants to go.  

As a highly-conscious person you are VERY AWARE of what feels “off” in your psyche, this awareness can sometimes cause the battle to heat up and possibly a full blown war breaks out.

I want to help you become more aware of the fact that you always have a choice with what is going on inside of your head, mental body, and emotional body.

Alignment is a choice, you are the powerful creator of your experience and you choose to be aligned or misaligned. When the battle is breaking out internally it’s a big indicator that something is misaligned in your current reality. You then have a choice to continue in this direction or take some time to reflect and allow alignment to happen.

I am a very spiritual person. I do a lot of energy work, I get regular healing sessions and treatments, I do a lot of prayer, meditation, and journaling. I have my moments, just like everyone else does! Sometimes I have little battles that go on for weeks, especially when I go deeper into my healing work and I am moving through major stuff, or when multiple planets are in retrograde and I feel like my entire life is on energetic amplification. I totally get it! At this point I am very aware of the choices that I am making and I can feel myself shift in and out of the aligned and misaligned space.

Sometimes we actually magnetize misalignment, as a contrast to step back into new levels of abundance. What feels right and abundant for us is going to evolve over time, because we are constantly growing and infinite.

Always know that really clear and purposeful intention are required for you to stay in alignment.

Allow yourself to connect with inner alignment this week & see how it feels.