If you were to run a poll on social media right now asking “what does being in alignment feel like?” the general consensus is going to respond with comments like “things feel easy,” “the money is flowing in effortlessly,” “my kids are doing everything that I ask of them, when I ask them to,” “everything is in flow,” etc.

Are these answers also the types of answers that you would give regarding your personal definition of alignment?

With this article, my aim is to shine some light onto where the general definition of “alignment” has lead many talented individuals astray. I aim to show you that you might be closer to alignment than you realize and that by shifting your perception around the realities of true alignment you can begin to live each day with more fulfillment and joy, which I know is a state that many are desperately seeking right now.

Before I proceed, what qualifies me to teach you this stuff? Without listing all of my credentials and boring you, I want to share that I have a deep understanding of the conscious and the unconscious, working as a healer, an intuitive, and a business coach has given me a deep understanding into the energetic components of the human psyche and to put it bluntly, I have experienced a lot of suffering in my life. Childhood suffering, teen suffering, adult suffering, I’m one of those people who would say “nothing comes easily for me” or “no one has ever given me anything” and it’s true, to a certain degree. Yes, I’ve received many gifts and at the same time, I have worked to receive everything I have. The term “work” not being used in the sense of traditional 9-5 or business work, rather in regards to varying levels of effort being put into it, whether through intention, communication, presence, or physical labor.

When you’ve spent hours and hours on social media, following influencers who preach about alignment, spiritual or not, your brain is going to look for the symbols of alignment that determine success, because the general population is going to equate alignment with success and material gain.

You see the influencers “lifestyle” posts, the travel, the shoes, the clothes, the hot body, the beautiful views, the nice restaurants, the manicures, and in some cases, the plastic surgery. Now the Hollywood image of success has seeped into the online realm of influence and what you once thought was a unique realm of opportunity has become a recreation of exactly what you are looking to get away from. Well, what happened?

Nothing happened. Your brain is only following the instructions that you are giving it! You are equating alignment with material success and gain so your brain is on the lookout for people who have THAT. So why is it that your definition of alignment and seeking people that are supposedly in alignment has you feeling more and more misaligned?

I’m so glad that you asked.

These influencers that you are following, they are doing their jobs, running their businesses. Many are selling the lifestyle aspect of entrepreneurship and that is definitely one way to sell and appeal to masses who define alignment in association with material gain.

To achieve material gain and success, effort must be put in.

To experience high levels of success, responsibility must be taken.

It would be impossible to vouch for every online influencer out there who speaks on alignment, so I am speaking in general terms here, every person that seems to be in alignment to you that has actually achieved monetary and material success has taken responsibility.

The lifestyle you see on display with the travel, the clothes, the experiences, etc. is the result of taking high levels of responsibility to earn an income, to grow teams, to support themselves and their families.

It’s those who aren’t content with having an easy life, because an easy life seems boring, that find out what the true meaning of alignment is. Alignment to success is much different than alignment to an easy life.

Remember that, alignment is related to perspective.

You might be aligned with exactly what you are telling yourself that you want right now, yet at the same time you think that you want something different, so your thoughts are creating internal misalignment.

It’s in finding clarity within yourself that you find alignment.

When you begin to find alignment you begin to take responsibility and gain control over your habits.

When you begin to gain control over your habits you begin to gain control over your beliefs.

When you gain control over your beliefs an entirely new world opens up to you and a fresh perspective on alignment is formed.