As a business owner, your ultimate goal is to increase your sales and reduce your workload. But what do you do when your leads start to fall through the cracks?

With Celia’s methodology called the “More Method” she helps businesses make more more, more sales with ease, and have more sales freedom. In this blog post, she’ll be discussing the five ways you can make more sales while reducing your workload.

  1. Follow Up – This may seem obvious, but following up with past leads and people who have expressed interest in your business is essential. Without proper processes in place, including cadence, timing, and messaging, it’s easy for follow up to get lost in the shuffle.
  2. Hire a Sales Rep – As you scale up your business, having a sales rep to handle follow-up can be a game-changer. Even if you’re the one who’s been doing the closing, having someone to reach out to your leads can make all the difference.
  3. Automation – Automation can be a great tool for reaching out to your leads, but it’s important to note that it should complement a personal outreach, not replace it.
  4. Streamline Your Systems – To make more sales with ease, it’s important to streamline your internal systems. Celia has worked with CEO’s to streamline their processes and get more results.
  5. Use Your Brilliance – Your brilliance got you to where you are, but relying on others’ brilliance and excellence can help you scale even further.

In conclusion, if you’re frustrated that not as many deals are closing as you’d like, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. By following these five strategies, you can make more sales, reduce your workload, and retain all of your leads. Whether you’re at the $200,000 mark or the seven and eight-figure mark, these tips will help you scale and reach new heights in your business.

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