Soul expression is a REAL and necessary facet of life for those who need it …

Think of your Soul like a digital fabric that surrounds you, it’s always there.

When you tune it out, it can’t give you important data necessary for a happier existence.

When you tune in, you are able to make confident choices for yourself in alignment with Soul. You feel empowered to align with situations where your Soul can self-express.

It’s energizing + calming to live life in congruency with your Soul.

Soul level congruency leads to alignment in Business.

Key #1 When you’re first starting out choosing to live a Soul expressed lifestyle it will feel a bit choppy.

I compare it to learning a new language for the first time. With practice, you improve.

To speed up the process, silence your ego mind to synthesize the lessons flowing in.

The lessons enter through experiences, often signaling what you “don’t want.”

Key #2 Knowing what you “don’t want” is powerful.

With this information, you are able to identify what you DO WANT with certainty.

Key #3 Recognize Patterns.

It’s not wise to make a big decision out of one isolated experience. Compute the data from similar experiences over time to make wise choices. Keep in mind the bigger picture of your life + business that you are intending to create. It’s important to match up the pieces so that you are creating your life in alignment with your Soul.

Key #4 The more you understand what you do want and make choices from that space, the better life gets.

It’s in making the big choices and the small choices that add up to a happy Soul expressed life.

Key #5 Positive mindset and intention are everything.

Consistent daily mantra practices, affirmations, centering declarations and/or prayers are essential.