Nearly three years ago I began having mysterious health symptoms and I became very ill over a 9-month period. I feel it is important to express how I overcame my inner conflicts and battles to be the woman that I am today.

When I was at my worst I was stuck on the couch, barely able to eat because my digestive system wasn’t functioning properly, my hair was falling out, I was rapidly losing weight, and none of the doctors I was seeing could tell me what was wrong.

I sought out different types of natural health practitioners, tried cabbage juice cleanses, apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, and supplements. Nothing was working until I got a diagnosis of “autoimmune disease” and I found a dietary protocol to go on that brought me some relief.

I was so scared. Not only was I scared about my health, I was really scared about money. I had heard so many stories about people who emptied their bank accounts on natural health treatments & practitioners and I was scared that I might not be able to continue working to earn a living. Instead of letting fear take over I trusted my instincts and I sought out practitioners that I trusted. This was important because it led me the first shift from sickness to success:


  • I discovered my boundaries. Learning to say “no” was not easy at first. When I launched – Psychic Business Success Coach + Healer, I had to say “no” to a lot of outside opportunities so that I could focus on creating my new desired reality. I had to set boundaries around my time and focus on the creative elements needed to run a successful online business. I stopped allowing little distractions to interrupt me and I began finding great joy in the process of creating my Soul-Aligned, Soul Signature Business.


  • I invested in myself. My chiropractor at the time had been facilitating a revolutionary Life Force opening program and she was seeing great results in her clients. The program had helped people with digestive issues, stress, bad relationships, careers, and more. I knew in my heart that I needed this program and I saw immediate results. Following my first session I was able to move through my fears and design an action plan for my health. 6-weeks later my husband and I drove 8 hours away to meet a new doctor and 8-weeks after that I had a proper diagnosis and began receiving treatment. It really was miraculous. Had I not dropped my fear around money or not trusted my choices, there is no telling where I would be today.


  • I built my life around my internal needs. Up until I got sick I always put everyone else’s needs first, making sure they were happy. That was no longer a choice for me because in order to heal I had to watch my stress very carefully. I began seeking out new interests and that is how I discovered Sound Healing, which opened the door for me to connect with Source in profound new ways. I was seeing such great results in my own health through energy work and medicine that I was called into being a healer as a profession. At first my husband and my family didn’t understand what I was doing with a singing bowl or who the Ascended Masters were. It didn’t matter to me because my happiness and health were #1 priority and they still are. 


  • I also have one very important bonus tip for you. I started loving myself unconditionally and healing from years of pain and turmoil. Loving myself when my body wasn’t healthy, loving myself when I wasn’t in an aligned career, loving myself when I wasn’t happy with my current circumstances helped me to change. Self-hatred, self-sabotage and self-loathing bring more of the same and I chose to release those emotions and thought patterns. Love opens you up to infinite possibility and opportunity.  Love is what our souls desire and crave. Love is what we are made of.


My intention is for you to know that wherever you are in your journey, we live in an Infinitely Abundant Universe. There is always enough money, clients, opportunity, health treatments, potential relationships, beautiful places to live, the list goes on and on. Live from the expansive space of your infinite potential and you will become it, the Law of Attraction says so.