3 Paths To Quantum Leap Your Sales

 Path #1 Raise your fees and start selling high-ticket

This path is for you if you are busy and booked out with 1-1 clients, you are charging hourly rates, and you are ready for a substantial change in how you work with your clients and manage your own time. 

You have a belief that keeping your prices low and “affordable” is serving you and your clients, but is it really?

When you think about raising your prices, fear of rejection and failure can show up. What if my clients say “no?” What if I lose my clients because I raised my fees? 

Having been booked and busy with clients, many times, I know the stretched feeling that comes from a full calendar with little financial return on the other side.

Putting together a high-ticket pricing model could be as simple as evaluating your current prices, shifting month-to-month fees to an annual contract, and raising your fees slightly. 

Charging high-ticket doesn’t have to require a complete shift in your business model. The change always begins with your thinking and approach first.


Path #2 Sell more and increase your conversion rate of your current high-ticket program, product, or package

Clarify your strategy, strengthen your skills, and firm up on your tactic. Check out the video for the rest!


Path #3 Leverage your time and expertise with a high-ticket group offer

We just did a complete training on this, checkout www.selltoscale.live to try and grab the replay while it’s up.


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