It’s never too late and it’s never too soon to get on track with your sales results.

I’m the creator of The More Method and I work with entrepreneurs CEOs and their sales teams and their sales initiatives to help them increase their conversions, and sales calls. We can increase your conversion rate by anywhere from 40 to 80% and for your whole sales Process, we can drive conversions up from 12% and beyond because just fixing your sales process and just fixing languages and nuances language alone has such a dramatic impact on your close rate.

I want to start out by asking you a couple of questions:

First – Are you using outdated sales techniques in your sales process, in your sales calls, and you’re messaging prospects?

If you are unsure, you may be using outdated techniques. The bests way to determine is to go back to the source of where you got the information from. This could be a business coach, a free online pdf that you downloaded, or maybe it was a course you took.

Second – are you using high-pushy language with your prospects?

I will admit that I have done that and there’s a place for it, there are buyers who totally respond to that kind of language. Let’s say that only a percentage of your buyers will respond to that approach though.

let’s say10%, but What happens to the other 90 or 95% of your buyer pool? If they’re not responding to the language that you’re using with them and how you’re approaching them and how you’re talking to them, you are losing out on conversions.

I was just messaging with a colleague and we were talking about how are you approaching people in your outreach. Are you inviting them in or are you dangling the carrot saying here, take it or leave it? It’s here for you if you want it.

Ask yourself, Am I speaking to people in a way that appeals to them and attracts them in or am I pushing them away?`

Third – How empathetic are you to your prospect’s needs?

These aren’t questions that you can just come up with a short answer to, but I want to get you thinking. Your responses to number one and number two will determine your answer to the third question.

Fourth – How is your level of empathy coming across in your sales conversation? specifically your level of compassion, your level of empathy and your level of understanding of your prospects.`

How is that coming across? The answer is going to tell you how people are warming up to you and open up to you. because what happens in the sales process, experience, and buying journey upfront sets up the whole relationship for the customer.

Here are your action items:

A lot of times when you’re coming to do a sales training or learn something for sales, your mind immediately goes to how can I reach more customers? There is no quick fix out there to get on the phone and close more deals. What you want to do is take a step back and take a look under the hood and pull back the curtain to see what’s going on. So that when we go and we take those actions, we are reaching out to prospects and having conversations in an effective way that increases conversion rates.

If you’re dealing with sales problems right now and your close rate isn’t what you want it to be or you have a high volume of leads that are coming in and you’re paying a lot of money for ads, but the conversions just aren’t there. The first thing you want to do is look at your actual sales script, what are you using to hold sales calls?

I know a lot of people use a script that they got from a coach, they use scripts that they got from free pdf online. Then along the way you’ve thrown your thoughts and techniques in there and now you’ve got this Frankenstein or what we also call piecemeal sales script.

  1. If that’s the case, you want to really look at your sales script and run through it and filter it through the lens of the questions that I asked you above. Is it empowering me as a facilitator of the sales conversation to invite my prospect in to purchase with me or repelling them away? because a bad sales call is the most expensive thing in your business.
  2. You want to go through your last sales calls and listen to them through the filter of the questions I asked you above. Listen to the prospect’s response, how they’re showing up on the call, and how they’re engaging. Do they have a wall-up? Is the conversation too logical? Do they really feel like they’re being understood and seen and heard?
  3. Your offer positioning is one of the most important key factors in your business, and in your company, because your offer positioning feeds your marketing. When you’re doing marketing and you’re putting lead magnets and challenges and all of the fun stuff that you put out there, that is a part of a customer journey that leads back to high ticket offers.

Now, if your company has more complex funnels going on, still all roads lead back to the high ticket offer at some point. The offer needs to be really clear and it needs to be communicated in a way that is enticing and people want to buy it and they want to purchase and get on board with it.

Then your offer positioning feeds into your sales calls, It feeds into your sales process, It feeds into all of these other things. So your sales system in your business is like an ecosystem that everything works together in a delicate balance.

That’s why people have sales problems when one thing gets off it can create this whole other cascade of problems. What ends up happening is people don’t really know where to hone in and get a clear vision on what’s needed to make those fixes and those changes that need to happen.

The biggest thing is that in an evolving marketplace with evolving buyers and changes our sales process needs to reflect an understanding of where the market is, right? Just by changing your sales script just by shifting how you present the offer game changer.

However, if you’ve got some problems with sales and marketing that is a more sales with the strategy, you have to come in and also address the sales and marketing grabs gaps. But this is a great place to start because even if you’re doing whatever volume of sales conversations you’re doing weekly, you’re well on your way

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