On this episode of More Influence and Impact, host Celia Faye Meisel is joined by special guest Rhiannon D’Averc, a ghostwriter and writing coach, to explore the profound impact of becoming an author on your business and personal legacy. Rhiannon sheds light on how writing a book not only establishes your authority but also opens doors to speaking opportunities, increased client acquisition, and a powerful sense of fulfillment. They delve into the emotional connection and vulnerability that comes with incorporating personal stories into your book, and its resonance with readers on a deeper level.

Rhiannon shares her insights on the strategic timeline for writing a book, the unexpected benefits her clients have experienced, and the shift in thought leadership that occurs once a book is published. The episode also explores the co-creation process between ghostwriter and client, the power of leaving a legacy through memoirs, and the surprise opportunities for speaking engagements and thought leadership after becoming an author.

Listeners will gain valuable insight into the transformative potential of writing a book and how it can elevate not only their business but also leave a lasting impact on the world. Join Celia and Rhiannon for this compelling conversation filled with practical tips and heartfelt inspiration.


Key Moments:

00:00 Establishing authority and influence in high-performing business.

06:09 Reader’s identification with author’s background is crucial.

08:16 Strategy session includes market research and analysis.

10:32 Prioritizing is crucial for achieving goals. Abdication vs delegation in business partnerships.

13:55 Sadness over author’s death turns to gratitude.

18:29 Using stories to connect emotionally in marketing.

21:59 Finding purpose in unique strengths leads success.

24:19 Praises ghostwriting service and its benefits.


About Rhiannon D’Averc:

Rhiannon D’Averc is an author and ghostwriter. She can help coaches get more clients and speaking gigs or record your legacy in a memoir. She is also available as a writing coach, for live readings, speaking engagements, and workshops on any and all topics to do with writing and publishing. As of December 2023, Rhiannon has had 100 books published under her own name and under others.

Rhiannon lives in East Sussex with her husband and son and is probably squirrelled away as you read[/listen to] this in her home office, hunched over a keyboard amidst crafting supplies and towering piles of books.

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