In this enlightening episode of “More Influence and Impact,” host Celia Faye Meisel welcomes financial expert Carla Titus, founder of Wealth and Worth Within, to uncover actionable strategies for growing your business and building long-term wealth. 

With over six years of expertise in financial services, Carla discusses the importance of detailed financial analysis, strategic planning, and the role of a fractional CFO in increasing business profitability by 10-20%. 

Listeners will learn about the necessity of creating a sustainable cash cushion, crafting plans for future growth, and the critical role of accurate bookkeeping. Carla also shares insights on wealth-building through diverse revenue streams and smart investments. 

Tune in to hear expert advice on transforming your business finances and achieving more influence and impact in your industry. Don’t forget to check the show notes for links to Carla’s website and free educational resources on managing finances.

Key Moments:

00:00 Financial professionals thrive on uncertainty with expertise.

06:45 Ensure correct bookkeeping, tax planning, strategic financial management.

11:02 Test professionals’ knowledge, maximize tax deductions, fair share.

14:33 Improving financial situation, empowerment through understanding numbers.

17:06 Questioning ineffective spending, demanding clear outcomes.

19:09 Assess profit, make changes, measure with KPIs.

24:46 Diversify income sources through real estate, investments, acquisitions.

28:35 Find fractional CFO services at

About Carla Titus:

Carla is a finance expert with over 15 years of combined corporate financial planning, analysis, strategy, and online businesses experience. She provides fractional CFO services and financial consulting to business owners looking to grow their business profitably. Wealth & Worth Within’s mission is to empower business owners to achieve financial clarity and peace of mind, so that they can get back to what they enjoy.

How to connect with Carla: 

@carlamtitus (LinkedIn)

@wealthworthwithin (Instagram)

@wealthworthwithin (FB)

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