In this episode of More Influence and Impact, host Celia Faye Meisel interviews virtual event expert Ericka Bates to discuss the incredible benefits of hosting virtual events for entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups. Ericka, the host of Talk Virtual, a live streaming talk show, shares her expertise on how virtual events can help grow your email list, establish you as an expert in your field, and connect you with fellow experts. She also reveals her secrets to repurposing event content and overcoming tech overwhelm. Listen in as she explains the importance of aligning your values with your speakers, the role of AI in event planning, and how to attract the right speakers to make your virtual summit a success. If you’re ready to make a bigger impact and expand your influence, this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now!


Key Moments:

01:58 Love tech tools, automations. Content fries repurposes event clips.

03:17 Automations, live stream events, repurpose content.

09:22 “Go for it, get what you want.”

11:00 Inflation: fees increasing, guest speakers’ list size.

15:25 Summit: niche vs. general; different expertise.

19:23 Seamless tech, shopping for integration, and AI.

21:43 AI tools enhance efficiency and content creation.

25:07 AI marketing tools increase efficiency for content.


About Ericka Bates:

Ericka Bates is a virtual event producer specializing in supporting entrepreneurs, business owners & startups in hosting and repurposing engaging and profitable virtual summits in 90 days or less without the stress of tech overwhelm!. 


As the host of Talk Virtual, a live streaming talk show, Ericka brings insightful discussions to entrepreneurs, focusing  on various aspects of virtual summit models, strategies, technology, platforms, features expert guests and trainings. 

How to connect with Ericka Bates: 

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