Dive into the world of high-impact sales strategies with LJ Sarkodee, the esteemed founder of SalesClosers and Freedom Sales School. Host Celia Faye Meisel sits down with LJ to explore the delicate art of scaling your business revenue through intelligent and ethical sales techniques.

LJ underscores the importance of a robust sales funnel and how a diverse traffic approach can help mitigate the unpredictability of algorithms. With both Celia and LJ addressing the pitfalls of relying solely on inbound sales, this conversation is a must-listen for entrepreneurs seeking stability in the dynamic digital marketplace.

Unpack the reasons why sales professionals need to be versatile and why it pays to match their unique skill sets with your business’s precise demands. LJ talks candidly about the common trap of trend-chasing and why understanding the core needs of your company is essential for long-lasting success.

In a post-COVID market where human-to-human connections in sales are more vital than ever, Celia and LJ delve into the evolution of buying behaviors and the strategies to meet these new challenges head-on. The pair also touch on the role of AI in sales, advocating for transparency and genuine rapport over automation.

Whether you’re looking to hire remote sales professionals, identify top talent, or simply gain valuable insights into developing a sophisticated sales ecosystem, this episode of “More Influence and Impact” provides golden nuggets for any entrepreneur ready to elevate their influence and drive impactful sales.

Key Moments:

00:00 Sales Closers born from Freedom Sales School.
04:11 Software as a service offering diverse sales solutions.
07:18 Emphasizing values in sales over skills.
12:52 Top sales professionals prioritize commission stats, strategy.
13:46 Sales personnel success relies on key elements.
17:59 Part-time sales professionals need 10 inquiries/week.
20:54 Sales cycle longer, buyers more skeptical, adapt.
23:58 Screening sales pros based on business needs.
28:32 Increased use of AI in appointments.
30:41 We’ll work through what’s happening in your business.

About LJ Sarkodee:

LJ Sarkodee is Founder of SalesClosers and creator of Freedom Sales School. She has 25 years of high-ticket sales closing experience, selling services from $2.5k – $120k. LJ helps founders and online entrepreneurs scale their sales revenue faster by supporting them to hire pre-vetted, remote sales professionals or outsourcing their sales process entirely. Her company, SalesClosers, provides three core services, including elite sales recruitment, sales contracting and full sales outsourcing. She has hired and led virtual sales teams around the globe, to sell out multi-six and 7-figure launches.

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