In this episode of More Influence and Impact, host Celia Faye Meisel delves into the world of marketing and brand building with the mastermind behind WeatherBeam Media, Jamie Weatherby. Together, they explore the importance of authenticity in marketing, the journey to finding one’s brand, and the significance of building trust and authority.

Jamie sheds light on her organic journey into marketing and discusses the need for simpler and more affordable marketing strategies for small business owners. She introduces the Simple Marketing Systems framework, which is powered by AI and provides a clear roadmap for businesses to succeed in their marketing efforts. Moreover, Jamie shares insights on the pitfalls of outsourcing marketing too early and emphasizes the need for business owners to be intimately involved in the marketing process to maintain authenticity and connection with their audience.

Listeners gain valuable advice on marketing, including the prioritization of marketing elements, efficiency through automation, and the importance of having an integrated approach to marketing. Jamie also discusses the role of AI in marketing and offers practical tips on using tools like ChatGPT to create authentic content that aligns with a brand’s voice.

The episode provides actionable guidance on how small business owners can amplify their marketing efforts by leveraging simple systems and automation. Whether you are a seasoned marketer or just starting out in building your brand, this insightful conversation offers valuable takeaways to revolutionize your marketing journey.

Tune in to discover how to elevate your marketing strategies and truly connect with your audience in an authentic and impactful way.


Key Moments:

00:00 Exploring side hustles led to entrepreneurship.

03:23 Obsessed with building online brand, marketing journey.

06:48 Authentic marketing requires personal investment for connection.

11:10 Integrate resources for consistent marketing and efficacy.

16:17 New marketing model: suite of tools and training.

19:08 Create authentic chat GPT prompt to sound like you.

23:48 Create content pillars, schedule, and batch efficiently.

26:59 Great conversation on simplifying operations and systems.

27:55 Jamie provides downloadable PDF for brand voice.


About Jaime Weatherby:

Jaime Weatherby is the innovative force behind Weatherby Media, known for their Simple Marketing Systems Framework. This transformative model, born from Jaime’s extensive experience in leading a successful marketing agency, addresses the challenges faced by hundreds of clients. Jaime identified a need for more accessible and effective marketing strategies, steering away from overwhelming complexities and high agency fees.

The Simple Marketing Systems Framework is Jaime’s solution to these industry-wide challenges. It simplifies marketing for businesses of all sizes, offering a clear, efficient approach. This framework is a comprehensive blend of tools, templates, and systems powered by AI paired with training, and support. Weatherby Media ensures clients not only receive an out-of-the-box system to install in their company and use instantly but also understand how to use it effectively.

At the heart of Jaime’s work is a commitment to making high-quality marketing strategies available to everyone. Her vision with Weatherby Media is to revolutionize the marketing industry, allowing businesses to grow and succeed without being hindered by traditional marketing barriers. Jaime’s framework empowers entrepreneurs to navigate marketing with confidence, ensuring no business feels stuck or overburdened in their marketing journey.


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