In this episode of “More Influence and Impact,” host Celia Faye Meisel interviews Julia Robinson, an expert in VIP days for creating cash injections in businesses. Julia draws from her experience in generating large revenues at both the corporate and small business levels to share valuable insights into the power of VIP days. She discusses how these intensive, focused days can generate quick cash injections, replace traditional launches, and build recurring revenue for businesses.

Julia delves into the strategic ways VIP days can be employed, highlighting the importance of creating unique and transformative experiences for clients. She emphasizes the significance of personalization and provides examples of tailored experiences that lead to significant business transformation.

The episode also explores the use of virtual platforms like Zoom for hosting VIP days, as well as the impact of in-person experiences on clients. Julia underscores the value of creating white space for transformational conversations and fostering meaningful connections in group VIP days. She also shares details about her VIP Day Mastery program, offering listeners accessible and detailed content to implement these concepts in their own businesses.

Join Celia and Julia as they uncover the potential of VIP days to streamline marketing, simplify the selling process, and lead to increased client investment and support without working more hours. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how to strategically incorporate VIP days into your business for continued growth and success.

Key Moments:

00:00 High-ticket sales, coaching, and the power of VIP days.

06:06 Early bird promotions, standard pricing, and VIP days.

08:00 Use VIP days to create recurring revenue.

13:41 Enhanced business strategy results in new offers.

17:28 Virtual VIP days offer flexible, luxurious experiences.

19:12 Create transformative, luxurious, on-brand virtual experiences.

24:12 Hosted Emily in beautiful beachfront apartment. Energizing.

28:14 Workshops need more white space for reflection.

31:31 Sales teachings include easy VIP day options.

32:26 Program provides resources, ideas to improve business.


About Julia Robinson:

Julia Robinson works with coaches to sell their VIP Days consistently.

Julia believes that VIP Days are one of the simplest and most direct ways to generate high-paying clients and creating cash flow in your business because they are HIGH Profit and low to no-tech.

Julia has used her experience as a business analyst for government agencies and multi-million dollar private companies to lead corporate teams and coach clients to $300 million dollars in revenue and counting

She is a Tedx Speaker and has been featured in publications such as Business Leader and the Insider magazine.

Julia holds qualifications in Forensic Science and Business for London South Bank University and Birkbeck University London respectively.

How to connect with Julia Robinson:

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