Nikki is a launch copywriter and strategist who helps online business owners make money using her unique “3 P Framework” of personality, principles, and psychology.

In this episode, we dive into the challenges that entrepreneurs are facing in the post-pandemic landscape when it comes to selling and achieving success with their launches. Nikki shares her insights on the changes in audience response and the need to adapt marketing strategies.

She highlights the importance of understanding what the audience truly needs right now and creating offers that provide quick wins. We also discuss the shifting marketplace and how personal branding and values can make a significant impact in attracting and engaging highly conscious buyers.

Tune in to gain valuable strategies and insights from Nikki Trailor on how to navigate and thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Key Moments:

[00:01:22] Marketing strategies need to adapt for success.

[00:03:22] Streamline offers, speak to audience, target specific problem.

[00:06:35] Being transparent and showing values influences sales.

[00:12:18] Surveys and calls extract valuable insights.

[00:14:06] Importance of conversations and understanding audience needs.

[00:18:49] Festering problems led to finding right coach.

[00:21:18] Personality, principles, psychology guide effective copywriting strategies.

[00:24:37] Setting realistic goals for launch and appreciating contributions.

About Nikki Trailor:

Nikki Trailor is a Launch Copywriter + Strategist who helps online business owners make more money from their offers, in a way that feels good to them and their audience.

She’s been the copywriter behind multiple 6-figure launches, has helped coaches sell out brand new offers, and even doubled one client’s revenue goals – all using her signature 3P framework of personality, principles, and psychology to get results.

Her mission: to empower more women to stop showing up as watered-down versions of themselves online, so they can show up, sell out, and change the world.

When she’s not busy helping her clients make bank, you’ll find her at the climbing wall, dancing on her rainbow-coloured roller skates, or curled up with a glass of red wine and a puzzle book.

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