Join host Celia Faye Meisel and certified tax coach and CPA, Kimberly Tara, in this episode of “More Influence and Impact.” Kimberly emphasizes the importance of continual education and staying updated on new developments in the field, while also discussing the value of proactive tax planning and strategy for business owners. With a focus on CEO mom service providers, the conversation delves into the impact of tax planning on reducing tax liability, maximizing savings, and positively affecting families and communities. Listen in as they highlight the power of personal connections in business, the significance of authenticity, and the need for safe spaces for difficult conversations without judgment. Tune in to gain valuable insights on tax planning, financial empowerment, and the holistic approach to personal and business success.

Key Moments:

00:00 Women leading change in financial empowerment movement.

05:46 Tax planning involves quarterly estimated taxes and strategy.

08:56 Proactive tax strategy boosts client’s financial success.

12:41 Doubled revenue, decreased taxes, personalized tax planning.

15:28 Responsive, proactive, caring partners with clients.

18:17 Prioritizing personal connections in business interactions.

21:46 Empathy and flexibility for moms in business.

27:45 Navigating complex tax changes requires extensive continuing education.

30:26 Continuous development and staying sharp for relevance.

33:17 Understanding IRS rules to maximize tax savings.


About Kimberly Tara:

Kimberly Tara, CPA, CTC, is a wife, mom to 4 little kids, and a multi-passionate entrepreneur. As a Tax Strategist & Business Growth Advisor, Kimberly & her team partner with CEO Mom Service Providers to build wealth through proactive tax strategy and an ongoing, trusting relationship with your CPA.

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