Tune in to the latest episode of More Influence and Impact as host Celia Faye Meisel sits down with Narelle Gorman, an expert in sales and the art of enrollment. Learn valuable insights on listening, asking the right questions, and showing genuine interest in prospects. Explore the importance of aligning message and delivery for impactful presentations, making offers to keep audience engagement, and the role of energy and enthusiasm in successful conversions. Don’t miss this episode packed with expert advice on scaling, ethics, and building a powerful network. 

Key Moments:

00:01:41 Started dental website company using yellow pages.

00:03:19 Sales: helping decisions, essential tool, $3000 pocket.

00:07:51 Sales isn’t a dirty word anymore, it’s fun.

00:11:13 Founders sometimes overexplain; listen and ask questions.

00:16:09 The importance of personal attention in coaching.

00:18:07 Knowing your clients and caring about results.

00:21:25 I am the secret sauce behind influencers.

00:27:09 Guru’s energy affects conversion in sales.

00:31:33 Sales and marketing are interdependent for success.

00:33:34 Sales rep not a magic solution, be prepared.

00:36:54 Sales not dirty word, appreciation for expertise.


About Narelle Gorman:

Specializing in consulting and working with the world’s greatest transformational coaches and business strategists. Crafting impactful messages to be shared on platforms worldwide allowing the talent to share their unique gifts.  Platforms range from Corporate Wellness opportunities to exciting Personal Development Events with audiences spanning from intimate groups as small as 15 to large events with over 15,000 people. 

Narelle has traveled the world mastering the art of bringing together Coaches, authors & Speakers guiding them on how to  create offers in alignment with the audience to design the most well-received invitations to continue the journey.  

Naelle’s style is direct with a heart-centered outlook from the initial introduction, having over 25 years of experience in Sales Management & Business building including startups. Her mission is integrity-based sales representation for all parties involved. 


How to connect with Narelle Gorman: