In this episode of More Influence and Impact, host Celia Faye Meisel welcomes business breakthrough coach and owner of Juicy Good Life, Sarah Stokes. Sarah shares her inspiring journey from burnout to creating her own version of a thriving business and life.

As a coach for visionary female founders, Sarah helps them reduce suffering and amplify joy in their entrepreneurial journey. Together, Celia and Sarah explore the challenges of reaching new levels of success, including burnout, over-caretaking, and struggling with receiving support.

They discuss the cultural and gender identity standards that often contribute to these challenges and offer practical strategies for breaking free from the pattern of overwork and creating a values-driven, aligned business.

Tune in to learn how to unleash your own juicy good life, increase your influence and impact, and thrive in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Key Moments:

00:05:26 Risks of flying alone without support or role models.

00:08:48 Hard work, farm family, not paid well.

00:11:42 Explain self judgment and justifying choices to others.

00:14:05 Mentorship requires genuine soul connection and energy.

00:17:58 Showing authenticity and embracing different facets brings success to women business owners.

00:21:20 Transition from old to authentic business practices, success follows.

00:25:25 Celia can share link to fabulous freebies. Business programs for different levels of growth. Joy, truth, and how of business. Training, coaching, and community. 2 comma mama coming to support 7 figure business owners.

00:26:52 Achievements disclaimed, desire for unapologetic success.

About Sarah Stokes:

Sarah Stokes is a business breakthrough coach and mastermind leader with her company, The Juicy Good Life, where she helps unbury world changers from the mountain of “shoulds” they are suffering under.

She believes when visionary female founders have more joy and when their businesses are thriving, they have energy to truly change the world.

She’s an award-winning business strategist, who has scaled successful companies to multiple millions. Sarah is certified in the leadership work of Dr. Brene Brown and mastermind trained with Tony Robbins.

In her first career, Sarah was a longtime TV journalist. She married her co-anchor and they happily left TV to be with their two kids in the evening, instead of at the anchor desk.

Sarah’s business background includes publishing a women’s magazine and running her global marketing agency. Her heart is in philanthropy, and she is most at home in the forest or on the lake.

How to connect with Sarah Stokes:

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