Tune in to our latest episode of “More Influence and Impact” as host Celia Faye Meisel delves into the world of financial literacy with the experienced Canada-based fractional CFO and financial literacy advocate, Jacinthe Koddo. 

Join the conversation as Jacinthe shares her journey from being an interior designer to becoming a CFO after experiencing entrepreneurship, financial challenges, and a layoff during the 2008 recession. Discover the importance of a financial road map, how to build it, and the tools for financial planning and analysis to drive business growth and success. 

Gain insightful strategies for navigating financial challenges, understanding cash flow, and adapting to economic shifts. Don’t miss this empowering episode that provides valuable guidance on financial management and adapting to change in today’s competitive market.


Key Moments:

00:00 Exploration of business ideas, employment at startups, debt.

05:59 Transition from laid off to entrepreneur, tech focus.

08:34 Maximize profits by setting prices and monitoring finances.

13:22 Summarizing content: Financial planning and analysis for growing businesses.

15:33 Planning financial roadmap for short and long-term.

18:15 Business KPIs, people budget, income statements explained.

22:25 Difficulty in understanding due to lack of forecasting.

26:47 Consulting services for revenue generation and improvement.

30:01 Economy impact on spending and business survival.

34:06 Focused on fractional CFO services for support.

34:59 Enlightening discussion on financial road maps.


About Jacinthe Koddo:

Jacinthe is a Canada-based fractional CFO and financial literacy advocate. She is the CEO of Koddo & Co. and co-founder of Tandem Innovation Group. As an Interior Designer turned serial business owner with 6 businesses started, and 2 growing successes, Jacinthe has learned the hard way about the ins-and-outs of business finance over the last decade. She is now on a mission to increase financial literacy in creative-brained owners and bring stability to their businesses, by shedding light onto the blackhole of their finances.

Her portfolio includes professional services agencies and firms, retail, e-commerce, personal services, and death care companies, with some calling her their financial fairy godmother. She’s particularly passionate about pricing, profitability, cash flow management, and helping her clients scale themselves out of the day-to-day operations of their businesses.


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