In this captivating episode of “More Influence and Impact,” host Celia Faye Meisel engages in a thought-provoking discussion with renowned entrepreneur and expert trainer, Kathy Goughenour. Having carved a niche in the virtual assistant industry for close to two decades, Kathy shares her wealth of knowledge on transforming professional women into Virtual Experts, a phenomenon shaping the future of remote work.

Kathy reveals the distinctions between virtual assistants and Virtual Experts, highlighting the importance of specialization and proactive problem-solving skills. As she guides her trainees in building their virtual assistant businesses, Kathy emphasizes the critical role of team cohesion and understanding revenue goals.

Ever wondered how to find the perfect Virtual Expert for your business needs? Kathy and Celia delve into the realm of free assistance, where entrepreneurs and business owners can tap into Kathy’s expertise to locate the best virtual expert for their unique requirements. With a keen focus on client satisfaction and testimonials, Kathy ensures that her virtual experts are top-tier professionals, vetted and certified annually.

AI plays a pivotal role in the future of the virtual assistant industry, and Kathy is at the forefront. She reveals how AI can improve efficiency and communication with clients, debunking the myth that it replaces the need for human expertise. Kathy encourages business owners to embrace AI and leverage it to their advantage, staying relevant in the marketplace.

Moreover, Kathy doesn’t shy away from the contentious topic of retainers, voicing her concerns about misuse and lack of responsibility. She firmly believes that virtual assistants should take ownership of their time management and proactively reduce retainers if they’re not fully utilized. With a deep commitment to delivering impeccable client results, Kathy advocates for high standards and accountability in the industry.

Tune in to this enthralling episode as Kathy Goughenour shares her wisdom on training Virtual Experts, harnessing the power of AI, and setting a new standard in the world of remote work. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and empowered to take your business to new heights!


Key Moments:

00:01:52 Train professional women to become virtual experts and help business owners find the right fit for free.

00:05:25 Non negotiables in hiring, train for specifics.

00:07:09 Untrained virtual assistants cause problems for businesses.

00:10:31 Seeking help to save or make money.

00:16:57 Fast, efficient workers tend to make mistakes.

00:19:45 Dislike retainers, want proactive, dedicated virtual assistant.

00:22:34 Coaching promotes abdication, but with responsibility.

00:26:42 AI creates opportunities, stay updated and relevant.

00:30:50 Great deals, limited purchases, custom software investment.

00:32:12 “Prioritize money-generating activities, avoid time-wasting distractions.”

00:35:41 Supportive expert shares valuable real-life insights.


About Kathy Goughenour:

Kathy Goughenour is like a business-building fairy godmother for professional women and business owners. With her magical powers, she transforms ordinary businesses into 6-figure plus wonders, granting women the freedom to dance like nobody’s watching, the flexibility to work in their pajamas (because who needs pants anyway?), and the financial success to buy all the shoes they desire (we know, priorities!). Forget waiting for Prince Charming—Kathy is here to make your business dreams come true, one sparkle-infused step at a time.

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