Join us in this enlightening episode of “More Influence and Impact” as Celia Faye Meisel interviews Chris Noble to delve into the fascinating world of brain waves and the transformative effects of sound and vibration. 

Explore the various brain wave states—gamma, beta, alpha, theta, delta—and understand their crucial roles in our cognitive functions and emotional states. Learn how these can be intentionally influenced utilizing sound for enhanced concentration, improved sleep, and heightened creativity.

Chris Noble, an accomplished music composer and sound therapist, shares invaluable insights on how therapeutic sound frequencies, such as binaural beats, can shift brain wave states to foster deep meditation and promote mental clarity. Discover the ancient wisdom of sound embedded in the architecture of structures like the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge, and how modern science is reembracing these timeless practices to revolutionize healing and personal growth.

Celia discusses her personal journey with sound healing after a chronic illness diagnosis and how it helped her reclaim her life and vitality. Meanwhile, Chris highlights his work with seniors and his exploration into the therapeutic use of music to stimulate brain activity and emotional well-being.

Key Moments:

00:00 Music sparks memories, emotion, and therapeutic benefits.

05:34 Binaural beats induce flow state, alter brainwaves.

07:01 Binaural beats shift brain waves with frequency.

10:50 Archaeoacoustics: ancient structures produce specific frequencies.

13:45 Chanting in pyramid leads to spiritual experiences.

17:47 Humming reduces stress, helps with headaches.

20:32 Gamma brainwaves at 40-100 hertz correlate to wakefulness.

25:00 Alpha wave fosters relaxation and focus.

27:22 Deep relaxation promotes healing for chronic conditions.

30:43 Popular 40 hertz research for neurological disorders.

About Chris Noble:

Chris Noble is a musician, DJ and workshop facilitator living in Vancouver, Canada. He has been on a life long journey of unravelling the mysteries of the universe and how to integrate that knowledge into everyday reality. One of the ways he does this is by composing therapeutic/functional music using binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies, soothing nature soundscapes & tuning his instruments to the love frequency of 432 Hz. His research and musical performances have taken him all around the world, to the pyramids of Egypt, the stone circle ruins of South Africa, across all of Canada and much more. On his journeys, Chris has gathered lots of information and wisdom to distill into his teachings and his music, which he brings to you today. 

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