In this episode of “More Influence and Impact,” host Celia Faye Meisel is joined by guest Kim Nagle, an expert in helping women business owners make a social impact through revenue growth. Kim shares valuable insights on aligning financial statements with goals, charging the right fees, and achieving sustainable revenue. They discuss the DAMN Plan, a comprehensive approach to business success, and how to overcome barriers faced by women in the business world. Tune in for practical advice, motivational stories, and a free coaching offer from Kim Nagle. Don’t miss out on this episode that will empower you to make a difference while earning revenue!


Key Moments:

00:49 Kim: Speaker, Coach, Author, Business Designer

05:01 Transformation based on facts and self-reflection.

07:15 Emotion, facts, and reframing boost business success.

11:04 Start with facts, face truth, move forward.

16:23 Financial statements make a big difference.

17:33 Tool for setting personal and business goals.

21:36 Grandmother helped, businesswomen mentors teach real business.

25:03 Working to inspire others, leading by example.

28:02 My backstory led to massive changes.

31:08 Free coaching call: sign up, bring questions.


About Kim Nagle:

Kim Nagle is a keynote speaker, business coach and author of The DAMN Plan How To Find Freedom, Love, And Money In Your Business. She coaches women who want to design businesses that fit their life and business. She believes people are capable of taking authority over their lives and deserve the life they have always dreamt of – they just need a DAMN Plan.


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