In this episode of “More Influence and Impact,” our host Celia Faye Meisel sits down with esteemed marketing expert, Stacy Reed, to unpack the complexities of running successful ad campaigns. With a focus on scaling online brands to $1,000,000 and beyond, Stacy shares her valuable insights on navigating the evolving landscape of digital marketing and effectively leveraging platforms like Facebook and Google.

Drawing from her extensive experience, Stacy highlights the common pitfalls of ad campaigns and emphasizes the importance of setting up marketing strategies aligned with business goals. The conversation delves into the necessity of understanding consumer behavior, creating personalized messaging, and building trust to nurture potential customers. 

Stacy delves further into her expertise by offering practical advice for businesses, such as the significance of having a dedicated marketing person in-house and the need for strategic allocation of advertising budgets. 

Listeners are invited to visit Stacy’s website to access additional resources and tap into her wealth of knowledge through her podcast, “Roadmap to 1,000,000.” 

Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights that will empower you to make informed decisions about your marketing strategies, ultimately propelling your business towards greater influence and impact.


Key Moments:

00:00 Marketing evolves from instant gratification to nurturing.

06:00 Diversify marketing, balance long-term and short-term strategies.

09:50 Consulting on content creation to drive sales.

10:25 Customers buy when ready, influence through marketing.

14:11 Focus on quality, not quantity in marketing.

18:34 Questioned ad targeting, suggested in-house management.

21:48 Agency work requires knowledge, in-house oversight.

24:31 Messaging, agency, strategy, trust, roadmap, buy-in.

27:12 Collaborate with clients, delegate marketing responsibilities.

33:44 Appreciation for Stacy and her valuable insights.


About Stacy Reed:

Stacy Reed is absolutely obsessed with taking online brands to new heights through strategic marketing. As a Strategic Marketing Consultant and Facebook Ads Expert, Stacy teaches CEOs how to make more money, gain their time back, and rapidly increase their visibility to impact the world with their brilliance.


She’s had the incredible opportunity to lead paid social efforts for big names like Zappos, UGG, Steve Madden, Adidas, Crocs, and many more generating over $150 Million in sales across channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and more.


With over 11 years of marketing expertise under her belt, Stacy loves sharing her knowledge and helping online brands maximize their marketing strategies. Her ultimate goal is to teach you how to scale your businesses to a remarkable $1 Million and beyond. Stacy hosts the Roadmap to $1 Million podcast, where she shares actionable insights on all things business and marketing. She has also been featured in Business Insider, CNBC, The Baltimore Sun, and Peacock’s Podcast Network for Comcast’s Founding in Color Season 2.


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