Join host Celia Faye Meisel and guest Angela Bell in this episode of “More Influence and Impact.” In an inspiring and candid conversation, Angela Bell, visionary strategist and creator of the Wholistically Made Millionaire Mastermind, shares her remarkable journey of overcoming immense personal and professional challenges.

Tune in as Angela discusses the pivotal role of mindset in business success and the transformative impact of aligning personal and business growth. From navigating the aftermath of a severe car accident and a global pandemic to cultivating a wholistic approach to wealth creation, Angela’s story is a testament to resilience and the power of surrender in achieving success. 

Discover how Angela’s business assessments through Wholistically Made empower entrepreneurs to address recurring challenges, embrace trust, and experience profound personal and business growth. 

Uncover the invaluable strategies and mindset shifts that can guide entrepreneurs through critical business junctures and lead to impactful, sustainable growth. Don’t miss this transformative episode as Angela Bell shares her wisdom and experiences, offering a game-changing approach to success for businesses and individuals alike.


Key Moments:

00:00 Customers facing multiple challenges ready for change.

06:19 Struggling professional seeks holistic mindset coaching support.

09:15 Toxic people gone, leader in business empowered.

13:29 Tackling problems at higher consciousness levels, mindset.

15:20 Balanced approach avoids distractions, improves productivity.

17:29 Realizing need for foundation in life, business.

23:11 Traditional mastermind and new hybrid program offered.

27:09 Tuning in to clients, not falling for hype.

30:00 Silencing inner voice, focusing on trust and surrender.

31:57 Returning to social media, sharing work, fun.


About Angela Bell:

Angela Bell, a visionary strategist and creator of the Wholistically Made Millionaire Mastermind since 2009, specializes in empowering entrepreneurs at pivotal business junctures. Her distinctive approach is a game-changer, as she steers successful entrepreneurs through critical tipping points. Whether your business is rapidly growing or stuck in a cycle of recurring challenges, Angela has the answers.


With expertise in cultivating controlled business growth without compromising stability or personal time, Angela’s primary focus is eradicating avoidable problems. Her unique methodology ensures that business growth doesn’t slow down, disintegrate, or drain your personal bandwidth. Angela’s Wholistic philosophy reshapes the entrepreneur-business relationship, amplifying profitability, enjoyment, and fulfillment.

Angela’s outstanding contributions have earned her recognition in documentaries, on ABC, and iHeartRadio. A dedicated mother of two boys, she resides in a serene cottage by Utah Lake, embodying her philosophy of balancing professional achievements with personal well-being.

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