In this inspiring episode of More Influence and Impact, host Celia Faye Meisel talks with Brendan Aylward, the forward-thinking founder of an Inclusive Fitness Center and AdaptX. Brendan’s journey began with a profound connection to Special Olympics athletes, leading him to revolutionize the sports performance facility landscape by integrating inclusive practices for individuals with disabilities.

Join us as Brendan shares his transformative philosophy on authentic inclusion — from challenging the misconceptions surrounding accessibility in the fitness industry to highlighting the importance of opening a business up to the market of those with disabilities. Brendan’s remarkable endeavors, including duo running in competitive races and fostering educational resources for inclusive environments, radiate through his dedication to making fitness a universally accessible experience.

Gain actionable insights on how accessible practices aren’t just altruistic commitments but savvy business strategies that diversify your consumer base and stand out in the market. Brendan also delves into the inner workings of AdaptX, shedding light on why it’s essential to prioritize digital accessibility and make a genuine impact in the lives of people with disabilities.

Filled with practical guidance, heartfelt passion, and a dash of fitness enthusiasm, this episode not only tugs at your heartstrings but also arms you with the strategies to create more inclusive and influential spaces both in the fitness sector and beyond. 

Key Moments:

00:00 Opened own conditioning facility, then developed nonprofit.

03:51 Changed from teaching to coaching in special education.

06:41 Gym designed for accessibility and inclusivity.

11:48 Developed resource for disabilities, created widespread impact.

12:56 Passionate about nonprofit mission, fundraising, and growth.

17:01 Podcast episode on accessibility challenges and solutions.

About Brendan Aylward:

Brendan Aylward is the owner of Unified Health and Performance, an inclusive strength and conditioning facility in Massachusetts, and Executive Director of AdaptX, an educational non-profit that teaches health and fitness professionals how to create accessible environments and more effectively train clients with intellectual and physical disabilities. Brendan has been a member of Team Hoyt New England since 2014. He and his duo partner, Jacob, have completed nearly 100 races together, including a 2:55 marathon which gives them the privilege of being one of 12 duos lining up for the Boston Marathon next month. 

How to connect with Brendan Aylward

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