In this episode of “More Influence and Impact,” host Celia Faye Meisel delves into the world of luxury photography with guest Jamie Robarge. Jamie shares insights into the importance of investing in brand imagery for ideal client attraction, debunking the myth that high-quality photography is an unnecessary expense. Drawing from her years of experience as a luxury photographer, Jamie discusses the transformative power of professional photos in building a brand’s reputation and attracting the right clientele.

Together, Celia and Jamie explore the impact of using low-quality or unrelated images on a brand’s perception and discuss the need for a mindset shift within the industry around pricing and budgeting for photography. Jamie reveals their personal journey from being a “girl next door” photographer to establishing herself as a luxury photography brand, focusing on providing exceptional experiences and impactful imagery.

Listen in as Jamie shares their client-centric approach, highlighting the importance of communication, comfort, and trust when working with photographers. They also discuss the critical role of professional headshots in making positive first impressions and attracting potential clients.

Key Moments:

[00:01:26] Retail management -> seasonal sales associate to $4,000,000 store manager | Maternity leave -> started photography business | Pandemic -> diversified photography for entrepreneurs | Love collaboration, helping entrepreneurs achieve goals.

[00:06:36] Balancing stock images and personal photography effectively.

[00:09:40] Photographer offers personalized experience for clients.

[00:13:24] Luxury photography brand transforms clients’ photo experiences.

[00:18:17] Narrowing down client photos for better choices.

[00:22:42] Find a photographer who resonates with you.

[00:24:45] Photography pricing and community impact in Milwaukee.

[00:28:41] Find Jamie Robarge on social media, website. Photography consultation and classes available.

About Jamie Robarge:

Jamie Robarge is the founder and executive director of Jamie Robarge Photography. She has been full time in her business since 2019 when her position in retail management was eliminated after a 10-month maternity leave.

Jamie offers luxury experiences to her clients and and she is changing the way people think about getting their photographs taken.

How to connect with Jamie:

@jamierobargephotography on all social media channels

Free Gift: A $250 image ordering credit if you schedule a photoshoot with Jamie