Join host Celia Faye Meisel in this episode of “More Influence and Impact” as she sits down with Martha Cristina Garza, a renowned luxury branding expert. Martha shares her insights on the power of branding, the importance of clear storytelling, and how to attract and connect with the right audience. Discover how Martha helped international brands adapt to the US marketplace and hear real-life success stories of her clients who experienced significant growth after implementing her branding strategies. Tune in to learn valuable tips on building a strong brand and positioning yourself as a leader in your industry. Don’t miss this episode filled with expert advice and actionable steps to elevate your business.

Key Moments:

02:37 Experience in marketing luxury goods and jewelry, transitioned to hospitality, now pursuing a career in brand strategy after coaching training and certification.

07:34 Getting clear on audience, avoiding assumptions.

12:46 Promote authenticity and values for business success.

15:42 Rebranding helps businesses reflect growth and change.

23:46 “So many people rush to us.”

26:27 Trained marketer discusses importance of branding cohesion.

29:26 I can guide, position, and add value.

35:58 Opportunity to work on your brand and expertise.


About Martha Cristina Garza:

Martha Cristina Garza, The Luxury Brand Strategist, is a Branding & Marketing Expert, Consultant, and Speaker. Her mission is to connect business leaders with the joy, impact, and possibility of their work. Helping organizations & experts get clarity & build magnetic brands that honor their expertise and reflect their brilliance with her GARZA Brand Method is what gets her up in the morning. She established her consultancy after a decade in marketing management for brands like Cartier, Moleskine, and Maison Kayser. Her vision is a world where Luxury is joyful, multifaceted, diverse, and human, and she deeply believes that building businesses that reflect their founder’s values and beliefs changes the world. She loves merging her expertise in luxury marketing, her training in ontological coaching, and her background as an industrial and jewelry designer to build magnetic brands. If she is not working with clients, speaking, doing workshops, or traveling – you will find her sharing tacos with her husband in Brooklyn.


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