In this episode of “More Influence and Impact,” host Celia Faye Meisel dives into a powerful conversation with Lisa Brewer, a transformative mentor and AI expert. LIsa Brewer shares her journey from overcoming obstacles as a single parent to thriving in entrepreneurship and personal growth. She discusses the importance of defying societal norms and listening to inner guidance, highlighting the concepts of breaking repetitive patterns, letting go, and being reborn to achieve empowerment. Lisa delves into the founding of Lightworker Academy and offers insights into maintaining integrity and personal essence while delegating tasks. The conversation also focuses on harnessing intuition, taking action to manifest dreams, embracing individuality, and aligning with one’s true purpose. Join us for an inspiring and enlightening episode as we explore living our greatest expression and evolving life purpose with Lisa Brewer.


Key Moments:

00:00 Overcoming societal expectations, achieving success against odds.

03:44 Achieving greatness against societal expectations as woman.

08:49 Listen to intuition and follow the gut.

10:41 Believe in yourself, overcome self-sabotage mindset.

15:04 Rebirth from ashes led to embracing emotions.

17:39 Lightworker Academy helps heart-centered, spiritual entrepreneurs thrive.

22:14 Collaboration is key in utilizing AI tools.

25:20 Gifted coaches extract and translate valuable messages.

30:11 Reflect on your path and life purpose.

32:05 Introduction to ChatGPT and prompt engineering explained.


About Lisa Brewer:

Lisa, a Doctor of Metaphysics & Divinity and a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, is a transformative mentor and guide for entrepreneurs seeking to align their business endeavors with their fulfilling purpose. As the founder of “The Practical Lightworker” within her Light Worker Academy™, Lisa has been a pioneering force in bridging the gap bringing transformation to people’s lives and being successful in business. She recognized the vital need for teaching entrepreneurs that their impactful work can be both empathically fulfilling and financially rewarding. Since 2020, Lisa has empowered nearly 100 powerful people to launch and prosper in their holistic and transformational businesses, significantly contributing to the collective well-being and prosperity. Her unique blend of down-to-earth wisdom, mentoring skills, and teaching expertise makes her an invaluable partner for those seeking to thrive in their purpose-driven entrepreneurial journeys.


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