On this episode Ann Carden shares her wealth of knowledge and experience on how great content and a strong brand can attract qualified clients and bring success to any business. She emphasizes the power of LinkedIn as a platform for establishing credibility and trust, with a staggering 70% of consumers more likely to trust a well-established brand on the platform.

We also delve into the importance of online presence and how potential clients will research and evaluate your business behind your back. Ann shares valuable insights on building authority and credibility, especially in today’s competitive marketplace. She discusses her own journey of learning from mistakes and spending a fortune on marketers, highlighting the need for real expertise and personalized advice. In this episode, we explore strategies such as leveraging other people’s audiences, speaking opportunities, and collaborating with partners to tap into larger pools of potential clients.

Ann provides guidance on offer creation, revenue models, marketing, and sales techniques. Her philosophy is to help businesses build $1,000,000 or more, focusing on high-paying clients. Ann cautions against a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, emphasizing the need to understand your target audience and adopt the right methods for your business.

Key Moments:

[00:02:16] Building a strong brand reduces ad spend.

[00:05:54] Establish credibility and stand out in business.

[00:08:16] Referrals important, but branding is essential.

[00:11:19] Leverage audiences to grow your business.

[00:16:41] Learning from mistakes, marketing strategies, different audiences.

[00:19:25] Business owners need to educate themselves in marketing, prevent being taken advantage of, and hold marketers accountable. Hiring marketers can hurt a brand if not careful.

[00:24:41] Helping businesses create revenue and grow successfully.

[00:28:33] CEO responsibility crucial for business success.

About Ann Carden:

Ann Carden is a business consultant and marketing strategist with over 41 years of experience. As the Founder and CEO of A. Carden Inc. and the Expert In You Brand, Ann has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs in over 50 different industries succeed in their businesses. Her three-time published books on business and marketing success have earned her recognition in media outlets such as ABC, NBC, CW and FOX. Ann’s expertise has been featured in podcasts and articles, and she has been recognized as one of the top coaches in the world by Six Figure Coach Magazine.

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