In this episode of “More Influence and Impact,” host Celia Faye Meisel delves into the world of prospecting with guest Jennifer Frye, founder of Appreciated Asset. Together, they explore how prospecting plays a crucial role in the sales process, debunk common misconceptions, and elaborate on the impact of connecting with the right prospects. Jennifer shares her journey in sales and business development, emphasizing the importance of maximizing prospecting activities to create leads and drive sales opportunities. 

The discussion goes on to unveil the significance of targeted prospect lists and the role of demographics and psychographics in creating resonance with potential clients. Jennifer provides insights into her process, offering a disruptive designer approach to messaging, script creation, and effective outreach. She also addresses the psychological aspects of prospecting, including the fear of rejection and the need to tie efforts to the bigger picture.

Listeners gain valuable knowledge on effective prospecting strategies, the importance of niche targeting, and the vibration of attracting the right clients. Jennifer also sheds light on sectors she works with, ranging from B2B services to home services, and highlights her approach to partnering with business owners and sales teams.

Tune in to this enlightening episode and discover how to unleash the power of effective sales prospecting to propel your business forward. Whether you are a business owner, a sales professional, or someone intrigued by the psychology of sales, this episode offers valuable insights from industry leader Jennifer Frye.


Key Moments:

00:00 Lead gen is crucial for business success.

06:55 Messaging exercises to disrupt industry standards, demographics, psychographics.

11:02 Consistent cold calling boosts business rapport.

12:31 Procrastination, fear of rejection, and cold calling.

15:49 Narrowing focus leads to business success.

19:28 Specializes in B2B and home service expansion.

23:08 Buyers more educated, focus on attracting right people.

25:08 Active on socials, website is


About Jennifer Frye:

Jennifer Frye is the CEO of Appreciated Asset Business Solutions.  They create, build and fill sales pipelines for their clients.  Their Sales Accelerator program offers a concierge level “done for you” appointment setting service for industry disruptors.  Appreciated Asset’s team will reach out to your ideal prospects consultatively, educate them about your solution and set you up with new business appointments.  Their Disruptor Designer method creates messaging that lights a fire in their client’s sales pipelines not only separating them from the competition but simply eliminating it.  With decades of experience, they are able to keep you client facing, grow your business and provide you all of the benefits of a cold calling campaign without any of the time or energy.  Jennifer lives in Charleston, SC with her 9 year old son Max and loves to show other women, and specifically single moms how they can “redefine having it all”.


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