In this episode of “More Influence and Impact,” host Celia Faye Meisel engages in an in-depth conversation with Danny Bermant, an expert in joint venture (JV) partnerships. They discuss the transformative power of authentic relationships and the often overlooked value of JVs in networking and business growth.

Bermant shares his insights on building meaningful partnerships that go beyond transactional exchanges. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the values and desires of potential partners before forming lasting relationships. The episode delves into the genuine and reciprocal nature of successful JVs, which Bermant emphasizes as a crucial element in today’s business landscape.

Listeners gain practical advice from Bermant on structuring joint ventures and creating a culture of networking and mutual support. The episode also explores the intrinsic benefits of JVs beyond financial gains, including the powerful support networks they can create for entrepreneurs.

Tune in to discover how to form and sustain successful JV partnerships, build a culture of networking, and cultivate authenticity in business relationships. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or looking to enhance your networking skills, this insightful episode provides actionable strategies to maximize the impact of joint ventures.


Key Moments:

00:00 Joint ventures should naturally integrate into client work.

05:29 Easier way to work and find clients.

08:22 Online connections grew as physical interaction declined.

12:40 Leverage network for joint venture opportunities wisely.

15:19 Partnership based on support, not reciprocity.

18:53 Partnerships succeed with research and compatibility.

20:10 Concerns about partnering with businesses at similar levels.

24:44 Studied sales training, created own authentic framework. Passionate.

29:00 Undefined expectations lead to one-sided relationships.


About Danny Bermant:

Danny helps established coaches and consultants attract their ideal clients through joint venture partnerships. Until June 2023 he was director of partnerships for Mirasee, an education company that has enabled 1,000s of students to build and launch courses to grow their impact and revenue.


He has supported numerous 6-figure launches both for his clients, and for other joint venture partners, that have generated millions of dollars in revenue.


Danny’s passion is people, and the nurturing of professional relationships. His friends refer to him as “Captain  JV” – He is a prolific networker. He has supported over 300 JV partners and works with some of the biggest names in marketing. He has built a sizable network of over 4,000 contacts across every major industry. Nothing gives him more pleasure than enabling both businesses and non-profit organizations to forge new and fruitful partnerships.


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